The eternal search: money making

Hello!! Just so you know a little bit about me; I’m a mexican marketing professional, who used to work in a major consumer goods company down in Monterrey, Mexico for about 5 years, I ended up managing Mexico’s leading brand of household multipurpose cleaners, up ’till the time I became Mrs. Trevino.

Nowadays I’m not allowed to work here in the U.S. but I’m still living the dream like everybody else here, enjoying the beautiful city & even though I would love to work, we can always find new ways of making money thinking just a bit out of the box!

My hubby doesn’t trust many of the sites on the internet and with some bad experiences neither do I, but the ONE site I trust is the Nielsen National Consumer Panel. They monitor shopper behavior for more than 250,000 households in 25 countries through a consumer panel and their information is used in every goods company in the world. I used their information on a monthly basis to make decisions, come up with strategies, etc, so basically that’s how I know they are reliable, REAL and not using my information for other purposes.

You can sign in to see if you get picked and you could be earning some extra cash and entering some pretty cool sweepstakes as you make your consumer voice count.

If you get picked, let me know! It would be cool to know that I helped someone to make some extra cash.