One site for ALL your e-recipes

Cooking Time!

As you should know -if you are a housewife- one of the primary and MOST important responsibilities of your life is: FEEDING YOUR MAN. Also FAMILY AND FRIENDS if they happen to stop by your house …you know  I’m not kidding!  If you don’t you will get the award for WORST housewife/host…. hahahaha it’s real!

…So what does a girl do nowadays if she wants to know/learn something?

Exactly! I went on to Google and started looking for recipes online, because of course, I didn’t bring any along from Mexico. Just to get the pink elephant ouf of the way there’s something you should know before I start blogging about FOOD, I’M NO EXPERT!  I’ve never been in front of the stove for more than 10 minutes ever in my life, at most it was either waiting for my eggs  or pancakes to be done or something pretty easy that anybody can do;  everything else was straight out from the microwave or the nearest restaurant, HEY! NO JUDGE HERE, I worked! no time for the kitchen 😉

Coming back to the subject of matter, eventually I started bookmarking the recipes I liked and as it is obvious to you right now (it wasn’t for me a the time) by the end of the month I had a TON of bookmarks on my Explorer. This was INSANE so I got online again and with a quick peek on the internet I found the most AMAZING PAGE EVER It’s one site that let’s you store your favorite recipes, no matter where website they come from, this page would even work if you are a reader from Mexico 🙂

The only thing that you have to do is add the Recipe Clipper to your browser toolbar and clip recipes as you find them online. They’ll be saved on the site along with all the other recipes you come across and save in there, it’s really super simple. Alfso you can arrange your weekly meal in there and do grocery lists and mail them to your cellphone for grocery shopping when you are at the store. I LOVE IT!  They made my life SO MUCH EASIER!

I hope you find this site useful, dont forget to let me know if it worked for you 🙂



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