How are you doing today? First of all, I will complain, NOOOOOOOO I WAS NOT TAKEN SKIDIVING! GRRR

Anyways, we got to go to the “Makers Fair” in San Mateo, I will tell you all about it later this week because today I’m eager to share with you this DELICIOUS RECIPE “Butterfinger Cake” .

How does that sound? We ate it I think in 4 days!!! SOOOOO YUMMY!! I just discovered it on another blog and believe me, when you make this cake you are going to ditch whatever your favorite recipe was and this will replace it  …it’s such an easy cake to do. Here’s the link:  BUTTERFINGER CAKE  –> right out of my Ziplist recipe box!

Here’s the picture of my cake ready to eat, it really looks very much like the one on the blog so I will say it’s easy for a newlywed girl, got my approval and my husband’s 🙂  … the other cakes I’ve done, taste good but they look horrible with any kind of decoration on top, this you can judge for yourself, here’s a pic.

Hope you like it! Have a sweet week you guys!



San Francisco most famous tour!

Hi you guys!

Are you ready for the weekend? Tomorrow is my birthday so I’m looking forward to Saturday – fun – fun – fun! I hope my hubby takes me SKYDIVING!!  That would seriously blow my mind!

Today I’m going to share my experience about the trip to Sausalito. So far, I’ve been a couple of times there -by bus as a part of a tour to Napa (which I’m gonna share later on), with my parents-in-law by car and with my hubby and friends by byke – > this last one the most enjoyable by far!

Before we came to SF I haven’t even heard about it, but if you ever come, you MUST PAY A VISIT TO THIS TOWN! It’s one hell of a view of San Francisco skyline from there!

Sausalito is a pretty little town right at the end of the Golden Gate Bridge (not exactly at the end for us who get there on bike, it’s like a 8 minute ride on bicycle after the GGB). This town used to serve as a terminus for rail, car and ferry traffic prior to the building of the bridge. Today the place it’s pretty touristic but still it just has one street where you can actually look at stores – eat, shop, have  ice-cream- there’s where pretty much everyone is when they go visit, it’s very crowded till the last ferry sails out -at about 7oclock every day. Basically if you go there on bike you come back by ferry, so it’s a cool thing to do, it has just the right amount of exercise that you will enjoy actually enjoy 🙂

WARNING: You must leave SF in the morning (by morning I mean elevensh-twelvish), on the afternoon gets pretty cool to go by byke, you won’t enjoy it and if you arrive late to the town (6:30pm) almost all the shops are already closed!  😦 This happen to me when my friends came visit me from Mexico, we really suffered!!! … That day we started from Fisherman’s Wharf at 4:30pm and got there two hours later almost frozen to dead!!! We were totally unprepared to be THAT cold hahaha.. now it’s funny, at the time, I wanted to bail and get a cab! But I gotta tell you that when I went at 12oclock  with my hubby, it was warm, delicious, there was actually people in town, stores were open, there was people at the beach (which you pass by if you start from Fisherman’s) it was just lovely!

So if you ever come to the city, DEFINITELY make that trip by byke!  The best for me was start from Fisherman’s Wharf, because you get to see the beach and take pics there with the bridge behind, you also pass by a really nice park full of people sunbathing, reading, playing with their dogs, you also get to know Marina Blvd. and go over the golden gate and take pictures there in every single spot you want!

Look at the pictures of the tour with my friends, you will be the only ones to know that those smiles were actually frozen! haha You will also see that the town is empty! heheheh

TIP: Coming back from the Ferry and after getting the bikes returned we stopped by Ghirardelli Square, YOM! That’s something to look forward too!

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One site for ALL your e-recipes

Cooking Time!

As you should know -if you are a housewife- one of the primary and MOST important responsibilities of your life is: FEEDING YOUR MAN. Also FAMILY AND FRIENDS if they happen to stop by your house …you know  I’m not kidding!  If you don’t you will get the award for WORST housewife/host…. hahahaha it’s real!

…So what does a girl do nowadays if she wants to know/learn something?

Exactly! I went on to Google and started looking for recipes online, because of course, I didn’t bring any along from Mexico. Just to get the pink elephant ouf of the way there’s something you should know before I start blogging about FOOD, I’M NO EXPERT!  I’ve never been in front of the stove for more than 10 minutes ever in my life, at most it was either waiting for my eggs  or pancakes to be done or something pretty easy that anybody can do;  everything else was straight out from the microwave or the nearest restaurant, HEY! NO JUDGE HERE, I worked! no time for the kitchen 😉

Coming back to the subject of matter, eventually I started bookmarking the recipes I liked and as it is obvious to you right now (it wasn’t for me a the time) by the end of the month I had a TON of bookmarks on my Explorer. This was INSANE so I got online again and with a quick peek on the internet I found the most AMAZING PAGE EVER  www.ziplist.com. It’s one site that let’s you store your favorite recipes, no matter where website they come from, this page would even work if you are a reader from Mexico 🙂

The only thing that you have to do is add the Recipe Clipper to your browser toolbar and clip recipes as you find them online. They’ll be saved on the site along with all the other recipes you come across and save in there, it’s really super simple. Alfso you can arrange your weekly meal in there and do grocery lists and mail them to your cellphone for grocery shopping when you are at the store. I LOVE IT!  They made my life SO MUCH EASIER!

I hope you find this site useful, dont forget to let me know if it worked for you 🙂



The eternal search: money making

Hello!! Just so you know a little bit about me; I’m a mexican marketing professional, who used to work in a major consumer goods company down in Monterrey, Mexico for about 5 years, I ended up managing Mexico’s leading brand of household multipurpose cleaners, up ’till the time I became Mrs. Trevino.

Nowadays I’m not allowed to work here in the U.S. but I’m still living the dream like everybody else here, enjoying the beautiful city & even though I would love to work, we can always find new ways of making money thinking just a bit out of the box!

My hubby doesn’t trust many of the sites on the internet and with some bad experiences neither do I, but the ONE site I trust is the Nielsen National Consumer Panel. They monitor shopper behavior for more than 250,000 households in 25 countries through a consumer panel and their information is used in every goods company in the world. I used their information on a monthly basis to make decisions, come up with strategies, etc, so basically that’s how I know they are reliable, REAL and not using my information for other purposes.

You can sign in to see if you get picked and you could be earning some extra cash and entering some pretty cool sweepstakes as you make your consumer voice count.

If you get picked, let me know! It would be cool to know that I helped someone to make some extra cash.



#Ballonacy. It was AWESOME!

#Ballonacy.  It was AWESOME!

Looking for something to do here in the ciy, I found:  #Ballonacy (If you click on the title, there’s a link for you to read about it).

I wanted to post about this activity because it REALLY was an experience OUT OF THIS WORLD. When have you been in a room FULL OF BALLONS (floor-to-ceiling) and music?

It was SO MUCH FUN, we couldn’t stop smiling the whole time we were in that room full of white big bouncy! bouncy! balloons with LEDS in them (even though it was a two hour wait on the line) it was TOTALLY worth it……It has been years since I did something that different, and can you believe this guys brought us so much joy for $0 bucks? It was completely FREE!

So I would like to thank all the volunteers, those guys really did an AWESOME job!! CLAP CLAP!

Also I would like to introduce you to the “Awesome Foundation” who are the guys that funded it. I didn’t know them before this, but as i read in their page, if you have a “crazy brilliant idea” they fund one per month with a $1,000 award, so go ahead and sign up for yours!… and don’t forget to invite me if you do something cool with it 🙂

Cool uh, the whatsapp face? That was my hubby's

Hello everyone!

I ‘m SO excited about this blog!  I’ve been wanting to do this for a LONG time.  I thought about starting this project since I  began with all my wedding planning, but at the time I was working 40 hours a week – and for the ones that haven’t been near a “bridezilla” –  a wedding is almost like a full-time job also, so I didn’t have much time left for blogging…or so I thought!